Upgrade Foswiki from 1.1.5 to 1.1.7

Upgrade reason

According to release notes, 1.1.7 fixes a Critical Security Vulnerability. This is a good reason for an upgrade.

Upgrade from a patch release

I used the /Foswiki-upgrade-1.1.7.tgz/ file for this work, so basically, the involved step are always the same :
  • uncompress the archive;
  • fix permissions error in /bin/configure;
  • enjoy your wiki;

But every upgrade comes with its own issues and troubles, see upgrade instructions on potential errors you may encounter.

Step by step recipe

First you need to verify your CPAN:version is at least 0.77. Issue the following command :

perl -Mversion -e 'print "$version::VERSION\n"'

And upgrade your version package if needed.

If version match, you can untar the archive from the /foswiki/ root :

tar --strip-components=1 -xvzpf Foswiki-upgrade-1.1.5.tgz

If you got multiple Cannot utime: Permission denied, don't be afraid, the files are overridden and it should work.

Go to your bin/configure script and fix for files/directories permissions I personnaly had to : chmod 0777 -R data/ chmod 0777 -R working/ You also have to save once, to avoid the /PatternSkinTheme/ error.

Go to SitePreferences and add this setting

If you're using a cache functionality, refresh it by adding /?refresh=all/ to the current url


Error: no such theme PatternSkinTheme

This error is covered in this official page. Simple fixes include :
  • go to bin/configure and click on the save button, even with no changes;
  • If you can manually edit the /LocalSiet.cfg/, add these lines :
$Foswiki::cfg{JQueryPlugin}{Themes}{PatternSkinTheme}{Url} = '$Foswiki::cfg{PubUrlPath}/$Foswiki::cfg{SystemWebName}/PatternSkinTheme/jquery-ui.css';
$Foswiki::cfg{JQueryPlugin}{Themes}{PatternSkinTheme}{Enabled} = 1;

The Sandbox tempfile error

This error seems to be fixed but I don't know why. When I went back february 11th, recent topic list worked. Maybe a simple ?refresh=all fixed it.

The log is long, but starts with :
Could not perform search. Error was: Error in tempfile() using /home/project-web/rainbrurpg/cgi-bin/wiki/working/tmp/XXXXXXXXXX: Could not create temp file /home/project-web/rainbrurpg/cgi-bin/wiki/working/tmp/uDBAKwwTJ3: Permission denied at /home/project-web/rainbrurpg/cgi-bin/wiki/lib//Foswiki/Sandbox.pm line 506 at /usr/share/perl5/File/Temp.pm line 1381 File::Temp::tempfile('File::Temp', 'STDERR.27748.XXXXXXXXXX', 'DIR', '/home/project-web/rainbrurpg/cgi-bin/wiki/working/tmp', 'UNLINK', 0) called at /home/project-web/rainbrurpg/cgi-bin/wiki/lib//Foswiki/Sandbox.pm line 506 Foswiki::Sandbox::sysCommand('Foswiki::Sandbox', '/bin/grep -E -i -H -- %TOKEN|U% %FILES|F%', 'TOKEN', '.*', 'FILES', 'ARRAY(0x3759cc0)') called at /home/project-web/rainbrurpg/cgi-bin/wiki/lib//Foswiki/Store/SearchAlgorithms/Forking.pm line 109 Foswiki::Store::SearchAlgorithms::Forking::search('.*', 'Sandbox', 'Foswiki::Iterator::FilterIterator=HASH(0x3771078)', 'Foswiki=HASH(0x25eb528)', 'HASH(0x36cb380)') called at /home/project-web/rainbrurpg/cgi-bin/wiki/lib//Foswiki/Store/SearchAlgorithms/Forking.pm line 267 

-- RainbruUser - 08 Feb 2013
Topic revision: r5 - 22 Jul 2014, RainbruUser


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