Current roadmap

This article is the current roadmap. It implementation is a work-in-progress .

Here is a wikified version of a roadmap. For full development one please see SVN ROADMAP file.

Each roadmap contains at least one concept-related item, created as a draft. The time spent to implement new features of other roadmap items is used to let us discuss the draft to become a specification.

Current roadmap

Aim of this release

The goal of this release is to get a working client without text drawing ability (e.g. a running client, not a playable game).


State Comments
Code related items
Done OgreGui 's partial implementation.
The text drawing ability must be debugged but it is for a future release.
TODO Implement the new logger library
At least until a fairly usable log_reader application.
win32/win64 support
Done Ressources loading specialization
Handles non stnandardized filesystem location in win*
Concept-related item
TODO Discuss the CodingStandards concept
We must discuss this concept before code refactoring in v0.0.7
Community-related item
TODO Install a blog to get more traffic (see WebsiteRevamping for more details)
We must add a spoiler to the wiki homepage and create the WordpressThemeCompatibility page

Roadmap table

Previous Current Next
None Roadmap v0.0.6 Roadmap v0.0.7

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