Current Tasks

The following tasks are both for RainbruUser and RainbruAdmin.

Fighting spams

Using these links :

Updating statistics

Due to hosting we're using, I can't schedule cron jobs. So I have to run some scripts manually :

Running MailContribPlugin mail notification

Following this link (as admin only).

Generate sitemap for Google

Using this FAQ answer. I already tested it locally, It's a good solution, even if list of topics must be maintained by hands. I have to find some automatic macros, for example All concept using ConceptForm...

As side effect, we must switch to an underscore-based URL schema.

Make an efficient use of DataForms

These DataForms are really powerful and I don't use them very well.

Concept web

This web must be reimplemented using DataForms to add automatically the banner. This works in a local installation. Must be installed and change current Concept topics.


A new web, created with the aim to get automated roadmap (past, current and future ones) with banner added the same way that Concept web uses..


The Rainbrurpg Extension Repository project is a must :
  • Register your scripts and extensions
  • Search in this online repository

Meta Server

The meta server should use DataForms, creating new topic for new servers, with a notion of persistence of active servers.

There is some great challenges here :
  • How to modify DataForm values using REST. I think, while reading documentation that the subject is almost always metaserver, or maybe individual server and the verb can change, for example, updateOnlineStatus. Of course with a usage of URL parameters, we can get the new status;
  • How to uniquely identify each server instance/world entity;
  • How to create auto-incremented-named topics from a plugin;
  • How to return the table result of active servers in YAML format;

Here is idea of search that could be usefull :
  • Sorted list of server by its running time;
  • Most active/inactive servers:

Switch to a full foswiki portal

Blog/API ideas

Currently, I'm planning ro use a /wordpress/ blog, add API documentation to this website. I'm wondering if /foswiki/ could be a full featured portal, with a Blog web, and a custom solution to show API documentation, at least for plugins (using hierarchical webs):
  • API
    • C++
    • Ruby
    • Lisp

This is related to APIdoc SVN branch.

Top menu shortcut

Adding the top grey menu directly from foswiki could be great.

Community oriented ideas

Switch to team based userbase, where all user can be part of one or many team.

Switch to Mercurial DCVS

Must be wikified here : SwitchToMercurial.

Hints for HgSubversion

I didn't use this solution, but since I encountered some issues, I keep fixes for reference.

This user contributed extension is presented here.

First, install python-nose using #apt-get install python-nose.

Clone the HgSubversion repository and run unit tests :
$hg clone hgsubversion
$cd hgsubversion
#python install

Enable the extension in your .hgrc file
hgsubversion = ~/hgsubversion/hgsubversion

Verify the extension is installed running hg version --svn. You should see a line like this
hgsubversion: ca36d5915dc7

Now, I get the abort:  No module named hgsubversion error.

According to this thread, it seems my version of mercurial (2.0.2) is too old.

Update mercurial on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove mercurial
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:tortoisehg-ppa/releases
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install

Now I have mercurial 2.7 :
$hg --version
Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 2.7)

No module named hgsubversion

I always get the abort:  No module named hgsubversion error. Fixed running #python install from hgsubversion directory.

Using convert extension

The rainbrurpg's code is currently in SVN repository. I would like to change it to use Mercurial (hg). I'm making some tests :

The method to be tested :

We first need to enable convert extension. To enable it, simply add the following lines to your .hgrc file : [extensions] convert =

Then I had the following error : Could not load Subversion python bindings (try installing the python-subversion package)

If you're on a Debian based distribution, simply issue the sudo apt-get install python-subversion command.

Then the complete command line to convert the RainbruRPG's SVN repository is the following. Please note I removed the trunk part of the URL to convert branches and tags :
hg --config convert.hg.tagsbranch=0 convert svn:// <new-repo-name>

and you should get the following output :

initializing destination <new-repo-name> repository
scanning source...
686 Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.
685 initial checkin

Update : I finally convert it using convert extension, here is the relust of the associaetd time command :
real    314m14.355s
user    2m53.611s
sys     0m47.079s

So it took more than 5 hours.

Pushing to a bitbucket test repository finished :
searching for changes
705 changesets found
remote: adding changesets
remote: adding manifests
remote: adding file changes
remote: added 705 changesets with 22411 changes to 8719 files (+5 heads)

real    21m37.856s
user    0m22.017s
sys     0m5.964s

A standard clone of the repository give these results :
requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 705 changesets with 22411 changes to 8719 files (+5 heads)
updating to branch default
2053 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved

real    28m46.910s
user    0m59.024s
sys     0m7.160s

Now, after a little modification, here is the result of a time hg push :
searching for changes
remote: adding changesets
remote: adding manifests
remote: adding file changes
remote: added 1 changesets with 1 changes to 1 files

real    0m4.409s
user    0m0.428s
sys     0m0.088s

About 5 seconds for a push, with instant commits due to the distributed nature of mercurial, it's clearly usable.

Pushing to sourceforge

First, go to the admin panel of your project and enable the mercurial tool. Then go to your project repository and add this to .hg/hgrc file (create this file if needed):
default = ssh://

-- RainbruUser - 12 Nov 2013
Topic revision: r18 - 12 Nov 2013, RainbruUser


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