New release policy

When to make a release

For each revision of a library or a binary (/game/ client, server...). If you do not understand the revision concept, please see VersioningPolicy. When a sub-proejct switch to upper revision, we make a public sources release of the sub-project and the game client.

How to make a release

For each library or binary (sub-project) :
  • get the overall version using the script;
  • make an archive of the sub-project using the make dist-bzip2 command;
  • rename the archive if needed to follow the current file release rules;
  • submit it to the File Release System.

Then, you need to update the RainbrurpgReleaseNotes page and need to submit a news to the project news page. This news may follow these advices :
  • specify clearly if it is a sources-only release as a spoiler for gamers that would expect a all-in-one playable /mmorpg/;
  • add a brief description of the most modified sub-project, with a wiki link to corresponding page;
  • add a link to the project wiki for more informations on the development status.

Directories update

While referencing this wiki, we need to submit to many online directories. Here is a list of website which need release-related modifications :

website Needed modifications screenshots, release notes (No newline and HTML links are forbidden) must send a LSM file. Version/revision updates. Must update version (not a per-revision basis) Version/revision updates.

Social networks

Since I use social networks, the following are used for some notifications.

account Notification Releases, commits and wiki modifications. In real time or as fast as possible.
Google+ For new releases, with the RainbrurpgReleaseNotes page included, commits and wiki notifications, including the modified wiki page or software component.
Diaspora Releases, commits and wiki modifications. In real time or as fast as possible.
Facebook The same way I use Diaspora.
twitter The same way I use

Create a mercurial revision tag

Now you can add a mercurial tag for this revision, for example :
hg tag 0.0.5-246
hg push

-- RainbruUser - 14 Dec 2013
Topic revision: r14 - 01 Sep 2014, RainbruUser


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