How to contribute

Working on a free open-source game is a great deal and we always needing help. According to your skills, here is how to contribute. Anyway, please remember to follow our CodingStandards if you modify code, send patches and work on code documentation.


You need good C/C++ knowlegde to contribute to the code or OOP design skill to help. We use Subversion as our version control system, you can get a copy of the repository as anonymous user with this comand :

svn co rainbrurpg

Then you can try to build it, fix bugs and errors or open support tickets, send patches. If you contribute as anonymous user on a regular basis, you may become an official developer, this way, please read carefully UsingSvnBranchesAndTags.

Cross-compilation developer/packager

RainbruRPG does not support all platforms, for example, the win32 one is not fully supported, it is a work in progress. If you have access to new platforms (mac os, bsd...), you can help us support them. If you know how to build binary package for your platform, you can contact us to become a packager. Making regular binary packages for every supported platforms could be a great improvement in our development process.

Graphical artist

Both 2d and 3d artists are needed. Please consider using only free and open source software and file format before contact us.


If RainbruRPG is not translated in your native language or you found a translation error, please contribute. We use GNU Gettext to provide translated text.


We use Doxygen to document our code. You may generate it, read and find errors.

Contribute to this wiki

You may register a new account, log in and start to contribute to this wiki, especially in the Concept web. You should learn how to use concept banners and try the sandbox to get to know the foswiki synthax.


Using PayPal

Even if you have no required skills, you could make donation.

Flattr us

You can support us using microdonation through flattr :

Flattr this

Social networks

Join us on

You may want to support us through our rainbrurpg project page. Some statistics provided by include :

Join us on masterbranch

You can support us and follow the project through the Masterbranch rainbrurpg project page.

Follow us on

You can follow and contact me through my account and subscribe to the !rainbrurpg group.

Follow us on Google+

You can follow this project in our Google+ page.

Follow me on diaspora

You can follow me in my diaspora profile.

Rate RaibnbruRPG at HotScripts

You can increase our traffic with a good rating at :

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