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RainbruRPG is mostly written in C++ using autoconf, gcc and libtool. As we try to reduce the amount of work to be done, instead of writing all source code from scratch, we use external dependencies.

As a side effect and due to dependency hell, not all platforms are yet supported, especially those that not conform to the posix standards (including but not limited to win32, win64 and mac os).


Here is a list of libraries you will need to build RainbruRPG from sources :

Note : This table may be outdated, please check the DEPENDENCIES file in SVN repository to a development version.

Library Version Homepage Download
Boost.Test 1.34 http::/
Freetype 9.18
Ogre3D 1.8.0
OIS 1.2.0
FoxToolkit 1.6
Libcurl 7.15
Boost.Filesystem 1.34 http::/
Boost.Thread 1.34 http::/
Boost.Serialization 1.34 http::/
Enet 1.1
Glib 2.0
libsigc 2.0
GD 2.0
Gnet 2.0
In many *nix platforms, your distribution's package manager may have a pre-compiled binary version of these libraries, please check it.

Building and installing

Basically, you only need to perform the following commands in the RainbruRPG's root directory in any *nix platforms to build and install the client. Then you may test it with the rainbrurpg command.

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check
# make install

Note : The $-prefixed command are executed as normal user, the #-prefixed one must be ran with superuser privileges (as root). You may use the sudo command on Ubuntu distribution.

Note : The --enable-debug command is needed to build the client with debug symbols and full logging information.

The prefix option

The make install command will install libraries, binaries and datafiles in $prefix subdirectories. RainbruRPG will assume this directory to /usr/local/ on all systems. If you want to install RainbruRPG in another directory, please use the prefix configure options :

$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/games/


Here is a hint for a common error.

error while loading shared libraries

Due to your intallation prefix, ld, the linker cannot find the installed library. If you ran make install successfully maybe ld do not search in your chosen installation prefix. Try to run these command as root (remove sharp character) to fix this issue :

# echo "/usr/local/lib" > /etc/
# ldconf

The first command will add a little file in a well known conf.d directory while the second will update the ld runtime linker configuration.


If you cannot get a working client, please contact us either through the Help forum or by mail (please use the Send feedback link at the bottom of all pages of this wiki).

-- RainbruUser - 15 Jan 2013
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