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This web is used to provide a central place to elaborate future design or specification about RainbruRPG. All pages in this web should contain a banner that indicates the level of design. Do not hesitate to contribute to most of this pages and always sign your interventions.

Topic list by current state

Here is a summary of all current concepts, sorted by their current state. The date column contains the status switching date of the page, not the date of the last modification. For example :
  • a draft contains the draft creation date;
  • for a specification, we must correctly set the date when the draft switch to specification status.


Page Date Description
CodingStandards 04 jun 2011 A first trial to get a standardized way to present source code, documentation and many others.
NewProjectLayout 03 Aug 2011 A total multi-project rewritting proposal.
NewProjectLayoutClient 20 Feb 2012 The new game client.
NewProjectLayoutLogger 29 Oct 2011 A stream-oriented multi-output logging library.
NewProjectLayoutServer 24 Mar 2012 The game server.
NewProjectLayoutServices 30 Oct 2011 A module handling library.
NewProjectLayoutMeta 17 Jan 2012 The meta-server.
UsingSvnBranchesAndTags 05 Jan 2013 Some ideas on how to uses SVN correctly.
VersioningPolicy 06 Aug 2011 A white paper about how version and revision number work and when to create releases.
WebsiteRevamping 29 nov 2011 Create a complete community portal including blog, wiki, docs and more.

The banner styles

The following show the macros used to add a banner. Please add the macro with the two percent signs (see Macros for more help on the wiki macros).




This article expose the view or the ideas of a non-member of the project. After a while, it can become a draft.




This article was a proposal but it was rejected to be a draft




You may contribute to this page until it becomes a specification.




This article is a specification. It should not be modified because is implementation is planned or a work in progress.

Implemented specification



This article is about an implemented specification. Do not modify it in any way.

-- RainbruUser - 05 Jan 2013

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